Innovation in Motion: SANBERG & SUPERTEC- Crafting Excellence Together

Embarking on a journey of innovation and excellence, the collaboration between SANBERG GLOBAL MACHINES PVT.LTD. and SUPERTEC Machinery is a strategic move to redefine the standards of grinding solutions in the Indian manufacturing landscape.SUPERTEC Machinery, with a storied history dating back to 1954 in Taiwan, has evolved into a global leader in precision grinding technology. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of grinding machines has earned them a reputation for reliability, innovation, and unmatched quality. From their inception, SUPERTEC has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to industries worldwide, making them a trusted name in the realm of precision engineering.
In alignment with our vision at SANBERG GLOBAL MACHINES PVT.LTD., this collaboration aims to introduce the Indian market to a new era of grinding excellence. Our shared values of technical prowess, courage to tackle complex challenges, and dedication to providing comprehensive engineering solutions set the foundation for a partnership that is both dynamic and forward-looking.The focus of our collaboration is clear: to furnish the Indian manufacturing industry with world-class grinding solutions at prices that make advanced technology accessible to a broader spectrum of businesses. We believe that by combining the technical expertise of SANBERG with the innovative prowess of SUPERTEC, we can address the diverse needs of our customers and offer solutions that surpass expectations.Our product range under this collaboration is diverse and powerful, catering to a wide array of grinding requirements. From cylindrical grinders capable of handling extensive projects up to 4000mm, to internal grinders with a diameter of up to 800mm, and vertical grinders featuring a hydrostatic rotary table of 1200mm, our offerings cover a spectrum of precision machining needs. The inclusion of surface grinders with a moving column design and centerless grinders equipped with automation further demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for every application.

Surface Grinders and dedicated Linear Guideway and Box Grinders:

a.Working table – 600 x 3000 mm
b.Twin Head for guideway grinding

Double Column Surface Grinders

Center Hole Grinders

Cylindrical Grinders (Straight Head and Angular):

  • a. Max. Grinding Length – 4000 mm
  • b.Max. Diameter to be Ground – 700 mm

Cylindrical Grinders with Travel Head:

a. Max. Grinding Length – 4000 mm
b. Max. Diameter to be Ground – 700 mm

Vertical Grinders (Single and Twin Spindle option with ATC):

a.Working table – 1600 mm
b.Workpiece Height – 700 mm

Universal Cylindrical Grinders with B axis:

a.Max. Distance between Centre – 1500 mm
b.Max. Diameter to be Ground – 600 mm

Centerless Grinders (NC models to Six axes solutions):

Internal Grinders (Single and Twin Spindle/servo swivelling work head):

a.Max. Grinding Depth – 650 mm
b.Max. Length of Part – 1300

Rotary Surface Grindesr:

a.Max. Table Diameter – 800 mm
b.Max. Workpiece size (OD x Height) – 800 x 270 mm

SANBERG and SUPERTEC together stand as a force to be reckoned with in the grinding industry. Whether you are dealing with intricate precision demands or large-scale manufacturing projects, our collaboration ensures that you have access to cutting-edge technology that leaves no grinding challenge unmet. Join us in this transformative journey as we redefine the possibilities in grinding technology for the Indian market. There is truly nothing in the realm of grinding that we cannot conquer with the formidable solutions offered by SUPERTEC Machinery.

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