Refurbished Grinding Machines:

At SANBERG, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just delivering new machines. Our Refurbished Grinding Machines embody a unique blend of tradition and innovation. By harnessing the stability and accuracy inherent in seasoned castings, we embark on a journey of rejuvenation and sustainability.

External Grinder

Internal Grinder

Detailed Features:

Stability and Rigidity:

The machine bed, crafted from old castings, offers unparalleled stability and rigidity. The seasoned castings give Enhanced vibration resistance ensures precision in every grind, making it suitable for the most demanding applications.

Environmental Stewardship:

Our approach to refurbishing is not just about efficiency; it’s a pledge towards environmental responsibility. By reusing seasoned castings, we reduce the demand for new raw materials, contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.

Precision through Experience:

Seasoned castings, having withstood the test of time, provide a foundation for enduring accuracy. The integration of these castings into our process results in machines that not only meet but exceed industry standards.


Cost savings of 20-50% compared to new machines open avenues for businesses to invest in advanced technology without compromising their budget. SANBERG’s refurbished machines offer a compelling proposition for those seeking quality and economic viability.

Industry 4.0 Integration:

FANUC/SIEMENS systems ensure that our machines are not just refurbished; they are future ready. Seamless integration with Industry 4.0 standards enables connectivity with measuring instruments, paving the way for data-driven manufacturing.

Explore the world of precision, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness with SANBERG’s Refurbished Grinding Machines.