External Grinders

Hydraulic Grinding Machine

Welcome to the SANBERG Hydraulic Series of External Grinders – where precision meets power! Our machines are crafted with utmost engineering excellence to meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that set our Hydraulic Series apart:

Machine Features

Robust Construction:

The foundation of every great machine is its bed. Our Hydraulic Series External Grinders boast a Grade 25 Casting bed with a heavy structure, ensuring unparalleled stability. The box-type design adds not only to the robustness but also provides exceptional dampening characteristics, contributing to superior grinding precision.

Advanced Guiding Systems:

The table guides, featuring a combination of V and Flat designs, are coated with TURCITE-B. This special coating eliminates stick-slip motion, ensuring smooth and precise operations. The carriage guides, opting for Antifriction guides over LM Guides, enhance load carrying capacity and accuracy, making each grind a masterpiece.

Optimized Heads for Maximum Efficiency:

The heads of our Hydraulic Series machines are meticulously designed to deliver the most rigid results. This optimized design ensures stability and precision in every grinding application.
Equipped with both Antifriction and Hydrodynamic bearings, the wheel head of our machines is capable of handling the cutting of Tungsten Carbide. This makes them ideal for applications in TMT rods manufacturing units, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of our machines.

Smart Operation systems:

Choose between Semi-automatic and Automatic models, both featuring a superior hydraulic cycle capable of mimicking CNC precision. The user-friendly interface and advanced controls make operation seamless, even for intricate tasks.
Elevate the accuracy of your grinding process by integrating our machines with in-process gauging. This enhancement builds upon the already superior accuracy of the machine, ensuring each component meets the strictest quality standards.
Customize your machine to meet specific needs. Order a shoulder grinding attachment for microns-level z-axis movement. Add an Internal Grinding attachment, and you have a perfect Universal Grinder, ideal for various tool room applications.
SANBERG Hydraulic Series External Grinders redefine precision and reliability in the world of machining. Trust us to deliver not just machines, but engineering solutions that go beyond expectations. Explore the future of grinding with SANBERG – where innovation meets tradition!