External Grinders

CNC EcoBolt Series

Introducing the EcoBOLT Series: Precision Redefined

At SANBERG GLOBAL MACHINES PVT. LTD., we take pride in presenting the EcoBOLT Series, a pinnacle of engineering excellence in external grinders. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions is evident in every aspect of these machines, designed to surpass industry standards and redefine precision.

Machine Features

Robust Construction:

The foundation of the EcoBOLT Series lies in its machine bed, meticulously crafted from Grade 25 Casting. The box structure imparts unmatched stability, ensuring optimal performance even in the face of technically challenging jobs. The bed’s remarkable dampening characteristics contribute to a vibration-free operation, setting the stage for unparalleled machining precision.

Advanced Guiding Systems:

The table guides of the EcoBOLT Series boast a combination of V and Flat designs, coated with TURCITE-B for a no stick-slip motion. This sophisticated guiding system ensures smooth and accurate movements, elevating the machine’s performance to new heights. The carriage guides, equipped with Antifriction guides instead of traditional LM guides, enhance load-carrying capacity and precision, making these grinders a game-changer in the machining industry.

Optimized Heads for Maximum Efficiency:

The heads of the EcoBOLT Series are engineered for optimum performance. Designed to extract the utmost efficiency from the machine, they feature Antifriction and Hydrodynamic type bearings in the wheel head. This not only ensures superior load-bearing capacity but also guarantees accuracy, making these grinders indispensable for a wide range of applications.

Smart CNC Integration:

The EcoBOLT Series comes equipped with state-of-the-art CNC systems from FANUC, ANCA, and SIEMENS. This integration not only facilitates Industry 4.0 capabilities but also allows seamless connectivity with various measuring instruments such as in-process gauging, flagging, wheel balancer, and more. The result is a machine that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern machining processes.

In essence, the EcoBOLT Series is not just a grinder; it’s a precision engineering marvel that stands as a testament to SANBERG’s legacy of technical excellence. With these machines, we continue to push boundaries, providing our customers with complete engineering solutions that elevate their manufacturing capabilities to unprecedented levels. Choose the EcoBOLT Series and experience the future of precision machining.