External Grinders


Welcome to the world of precision and excellence with the SANBERG VULCAN series of external grinders – where cutting-edge technology meets the rich heritage of the name. Derived from the Greek mythology, VULCAN, the god of fire and craftsmanship, embodies strength, precision, and superior engineering – qualities that define our machine series.

Machine Features

Robust Construction:

The foundation of the VULCAN series lies in its Grade 25 Casting machine bed. Designed with a heavy structure for unparalleled stability, the box-type construction offers exceptional dampening characteristics, ensuring a solid base for precision grinding.

Advanced Guiding Systems:

The table guides, featuring a combination of V and Flat profiles, are coated with TURCITE-B for a smooth and stick-slip-free motion. Carriage guides, equipped with Antifriction or V and Flat profiles with TURCITE-B coating, replace traditional LM Guides, providing enhanced load carrying capacity and accuracy.

Heavy Duty Heads and structure for Maximum life and Output:

The machine heads are meticulously designed for optimal rigidity, incorporating both Antifriction and Hydrodynamic bearings in the wheel head. This ensures the capability to handle wheel widths of up to 220 mm, delivering reliable and consistent results.

Smart CNC Integration:

The VULCAN series is equipped with FANUC, ANCA, or SIEMENS CNC systems, bringing Industry 4.0 capabilities to your fingertips. This integration allows seamless connectivity with various measuring instruments such as in-process gauging, flagging, and wheel balancer, empowering you with real-time control and monitoring.

Precision Accessories:

Eliminate pitch errors and mechanical discrepancies with the external Linear Encoder from HEIDENHAIN, Germany. This advanced technology ensures precision by eliminating ball screw pitch errors, resulting in unparalleled accuracy in every grind.
Industry 4.0 Now:
Our commitment to innovation extends to providing complete Industry 4.0 and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solutions. Backtrack each part’s history and extract machine parameters during the grinding process. This not only ensures traceability but also allows for the extraction of valuable insights to optimize production.
The VULCAN series takes grinding to the next level with machine learning models. Generate ML models to optimally dress the wheels, further enhancing the grinding process. This innovation reflects our dedication to continuous improvement and efficiency.

Experience the future of grinding technology with SANBERG’s VULCAN series – where tradition meets technology, and precision meets power.