Internal Grinders


Welcome to the world of precision engineering with SANBERG’s HYPERION series of Internal Grinders. The name “HYPERION” draws its inspiration from Greek mythology, where Hyperion was one of the Titans, representing light and wisdom. In the same spirit, our HYPERION Internal Grinder series embodies excellence, precision, and technical prowess.

Machine Features

Robust Construction:

The machine bed is crafted from Grade 25 Casting, providing a robust foundation for stability. The box-type design not only enhances structural integrity but also exhibits exceptional dampening characteristics, ensuring precision in every grind.

Advanced Guiding Systems:

The table guides, designed with a combination of V and Flat profiles, are coated with TURCITE-B for a no stick-slip motion. For applications where table micro response is critical, we offer an option of Antifriction guides, elevating precision to the next level.
Opting for Antifriction guides over traditional LM Guides, our Internal Grinders boast better load carrying capacity and accuracy in carriage movement. This choice ensures reliability and longevity, even in the most demanding machining environments.

Optimized Heads for Maximum Efficiency:

The heads of the HYPERION series are meticulously engineered to deliver the utmost rigidity, resulting in consistently superior grinding results. Whether you’re working on intricate details or larger surfaces, our machine is up to the task.

Electro-spindle Technology:

Key to achieving unparalleled grinding quality, the HYPERION Grinder comes equipped with electro-spindles. This feature is particularly advantageous for smaller bore applications, ensuring a uniform and precise finish every time.
Capable of handling bore sizes ranging from 12mm to 400mm, the HYPERION Grinder is your comprehensive solution to internal grinding challenges. No matter the size or intricacy, our machine rises to the occasion.

CBN Grinding:

The CBN version of our Internal Grinder is specifically designed for smaller holes, offering exceptional utilization of the machine’s capabilities. Its high-speed grinding capabilities set it apart in the market, delivering unmatched efficiency and performance.

Twin-spindle Design:

Equipped with the capability to carry twin spindles, the HYPERION series enables all operations to be performed in a single setting. This not only enhances efficiency but also streamlines the machining process for optimal productivity.

Smart CNC Integration:

The HYPERION series is equipped with FANUC, ANCA, or SIEMENS CNC systems, bringing Industry 4.0 capabilities to your fingertips. This integration allows seamless connectivity with various measuring instruments such as in-process gauging, flagging, and wheel balancer, empowering you with real-time control and monitoring.

Precision Accessories:

Eliminate pitch errors and mechanical discrepancies with the external Linear Encoder from HEIDENHAIN, Germany. This advanced technology ensures precision by eliminating ball screw pitch errors, resulting in unparalleled accuracy in every grind.

Industry 4.0 Now:

Our commitment to innovation extends to providing complete Industry 4.0 and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solutions. Backtrack each part’s history and extract machine parameters during the grinding process. This not only ensures traceability but also allows for the extraction of valuable insights to optimize production.
The HYPERION series takes grinding to the next level with machine learning models. Generate ML models to optimally dress the wheels, further enhancing the grinding process. This innovation reflects our dedication to continuous improvement and efficiency.

Experience the pinnacle of internal grinding technology with SANBERG’s HYPERION series – where precision meets innovation, and challenges are met with engineering solutions.